Preform Thermoplastic:

Preform is a cost-effective alternative to using a full molten thermoplastic which is an easy to apply and fast drying. It is ideal for creating detailed and intricate multi-coloured symbols and logos.

Preform is factory manufactured to give very precise edge definition and comes in cut lengths, rolls, numbers, symbols such us for cycle lanes, playground markings, disabled parking or any bespoke designs such as company logos giving a superior and consistent symbol creation.

It is inexpensive since it uses only a gas flame torch to heat the road surface and to melt the Preform material onto it.

Diamond DF2

Hycolour 193


High Friction Anti-Skid: Highly trafficked roads would benefit from our resin based road surfacing material which uses high PSV calcined bauxite aggregates to provide a high friction surface which has been proved to reduce the risk of skidding and loss control of vehicle.

Resin Bonded Aggregate Paving systems is applied to the road path or driveway substrate as a thin veneer of resin; the aggregate is then scattered (broadcasted) on top giving the appearance of loose gravel providing a tough attractive, slip resistant, easy to maintain surface which is economical and aesthetically pleasing. 

Road Marking Paints – Slip Resistant – Colour Demarcation 



Sustainable Construction Solution of Road Maintenance


Resin bound paving solution is a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) consequently fully permeable allowing water to freely drain through the surface.

It gives the perfect solution where a hard wearing, slip resistant surface with little maintenance is required. Resin bound aggregate paving systems blends two components of resin binder with selected aggregates. The combined mixture is then placed, levelled, compacted and smooth trowelled to produce a smooth durable surface.

Unlimited colours and textures gives a huge advantage for the architect or the landscape designer to use with greater liberty as the resin binder can be tailored to meet individual client requirements. Bespoke shape, designs and patterns providing attractive creative options for paving external surfacing such as driveways, footpaths, patios, access roads, public spaces, flat roofs, balconies, swimming pool surrounds and tree pits with the added advantage that it can also be used for internal floors.

It is a cost effective alternative to block paving, concrete, asphalt and loose gravel. With modern imprinting techniques carried out using moulds a paving with a continuous surface meaning that there are no joints for weed to growth can be achieved. 



Colour Grip

Natural Aggregates

Resin-Bond Paving

Road Marking Paints: Our chlorinated rubber resin system based line marking is a cost-effective, durable line marking solution for highways, runways, carparks, garages etc. It can be applied by roller, brush or spray and can be reflectorized by the use Adbruf Retrolux glass beads.


A wide range of aggregates is available including high friction calcined bauxites, natural aggregates, and colour coated aggregates.

All aggregates offered can be graded to meet the criteria for inclusion as broadcast aggregates as part of a cold-applied surfacing system.

Natural aggregates are available in different shapes and colours depending on their original source.

Due to the nature of natural aggregates and their variation in colour, AJ Surfacing Contractors Ltd cannot accept liability for any inconsistency with regards to colour or shade in the aggregates that we supply.


Colour Demarcation: Our high friction, anti-skid coloured coatings are incredibly durable and can exceed the life of most other coloured coatings. It does not require the use of primers and there is a vast range of colours to choose from. Depending on the temperature / humidity it will become touch dry within 30 minutes and it can be open to traffic within 3 to 12 hours after its application.

The use of polyaspartic technology imparts weathering properties vastly superior to those of conventional 2K polyurethane or epoxy systems, thus performing at very thin film thickness.

Our range of products can be applied to almost any surface; Tarmac, concrete, wood, metal and in some cases glass.


Geopave UVR

GeoPave Tree Pit

Geo Print

Stone Rez HD

An Eco-Friendly Solution to Enrich the Natural Beauty of the Landscape.

​​​Permeable Resin-Bound Paving

Asphalt Preservatives:

Regeneration of roads is a long-term solution for improving the roads infrastructure delivering better value while reducing the costly defects. Our products have been formulated with a specialised additive chemistry proven to slow the ageing and deterioration of asphalt thus increasing the durability and sustainability of roads.

The product is a cold-applied preservative and restorer used on all sound asphalt substrates. It’s unique formulation restores the appearance and maintains skid resistance roads, thus prolonging their effective life. 

Primers & Sealers :
Blocseal is the name of a range of block paving joint sealers which provide effective consolidation of sand jointing material together with protection and enhancement of the block surface itself. Its low viscosity ensures rapid penetration into sand joints. Once cured, it bonds the sand joints, coats and protects the block surface and inhibits weed growth.

Bitex Clear is a resin based thermoplastic road marking primer that effectively helps to bond thermoplastic road marking materials or coloured surfacing materials to concrete and worn bituminous surfaces.

Bitex Black is an effective bitumen based primer for bonding thermoplastic materials to concrete and worn bituminous surfaces. Its low viscosity facilitates deep penetration into substrates. Also normally applied by spraying or by brush or roller.

Primer C is a low cost but highly effective moisture cure polyurethane primer and sealer formulated principally as a primer for Adtex, Coldgrip and Colourplus. It is suitable for use on many commonly encountered substrates such as concrete, paviors, bricks, timber and MDF.Due to its outstanding flexibility and abrasion resistance and is proven as a concrete sealer and dustproofer for industrial floors.

Safer Surfaces

Clear line Plus

Clear line SPE

Colour Plus





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